San Yoon Art 110

Wk13- Classmate Conversation- Jacquelyn Tester

This week I had the great opportunity to get to know a fellow classmate who goes by the name of Jacquelyn Tester. Jacquelyn was born and raised in California. She recently moved from Downey to Buena Park which is just a couple minutes drive down. She is attending CSULB as a nursing major and plans to become a nurse anesthetist with her degree. I asked her if she had any hobbies and she replied with a handful of activities. Some of the hobbies she had were playing guitar and dog, and taking beautiful photos. One fun fact about Jacquelyn that she shared with me is that she attended a private school until high school. I thought that was pretty cool because from where I’m from, public school students and private school students have no idea who each other are. It was nice to meet someone from the different side of the fence 🙂 When Jacquelyn was asked the Question of the Week which was if she felt the same way about art today like how she did in the past, she replied that she learned that art comes in various forms and often in unexpected forms. That helped her to realize that everything, not just art comes in different shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as normal because what one person thinks is normal can be completely weird for another. I am so glad to have been able to have such a great time communicating with Jacquelyn! 🙂


Wk13- Artist Conversation- Tyler Turett


This week I got the pleasure of being able to see the artwork of Tyler Turett. Tyler is on his last year in CSULB as an animation major. His work was displayed in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Tyler is currently working as an intern at Shadow Machine Studio. I am a huge fan of the shows that Shadow Machine created such as, TripTank. Tyler shared that much of his inspiration comes from the cartoon shows that he used to watch when he was a child. As you can see from the picture shown above, one of his inspiration was from Disney. His work process is a long one. He first creates sketches of his arts. Then he puts the sketches into the computer to create the finished product with computer softwares and paint. After he graduates, Tyler plans to move to Portland and hopefully be able to work at the Pixar Animation Studio.

Wk12- Classmate Conversation- Millie Herrera

This week I met a new friend who goes by the name, Milagros Herrera, or Millie for short. She is currently a third year at CSULB and is majoring in Marketing. From what she tells me, Millie is an outdoor person who loves to play soccer on her free time. Her bright personality showed me that she is an extrovert who loves to experience life to the fullest. She tells me she is a decent cook but I can already tell she was being humble about her master skills in cooking. She tells me she wants to work for a big corporation but she doesn’t know which one yet. I think a good fit for her would be in sports marketing or marketing related to the culinary arts. When I asked her which colors make her sad, she responded that one of the colors that makes her sad was green because apparently it’s gives her a chaotic sort of vibe. The color that shows happiness is yellow because obviously the warmth of the sun and the reminder of summertime. It was such a good time getting to talk to Millie and I know her personality will brighten the mood wherever she goes! 🙂

Wk12 – Artist Conversation- Christopher Linquata

This week I had the pleasure of observing the artwork of 38 year old Christopher Linquata. Linquata is a previous student of the California State University of Northridge and came to CSULB as a representational painting and drawing major. His paintings were displayed in the Max L. Gatov West Gallery. As you can see in the picture shown above, the artist likes to paint pictures shot from a camera. His drawings can show what inspired him to create these art. The street art shown in the painting was what inspired him to become an artist. When he was a little kid he would see street artwork such as graffiti and became inspired to draw. He started off with comics which then developed into the masterpieces he creates today. It seems as though he chooses to paint picture of candid moments. The scene in the picture shows different people doing different actions. His paintings remind me of vacation time when families are going on trips since they’re on break. I really enjoyed his paintings and you can enjoy it as well on his Instagram page @icon5350

Wk12- Activity- ePortfolio 

Finally, the time to finalize our eportfolio has come. It’s week 12 and the class got to update their website or create a new one from scratch. I decided to keep my Art110 post because of the memories but also because the fact that I would not have this website if it weren’t for the class. The posts for Art110 is what I consider to be the foundation of my website. This site is supposed to be about me and that also includes my experiences from this class. I added an About Me and it tells you guys about my passion for drums. I uploaded a post to my website that was not Art110 related. The post tells readers about the kinds of music I listen to. I don’t have a specific group of audience I want to target. My posts are supposed to reach out to anyone who can relate or shares the common interests as I do. Please visit my website every so often to see the new updates I post! See you next time! 🙂

EDM culture

Hey y’all! I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite genres of music, EDM, which is right next to punk rock. I started actually listening to EDM back in the winter of my first year of college. I went to my first “rave” with a bunch of my friends and girlfriend. I had no idea who any of the DJs were at the time but I still enjoyed the different songs each artist played. Now fast forward to the present, I know many popular DJs and also the lesser known ones as well. EDM is usually what I listen to. I have been to a total of 3 festivals and couple individual shows. I am going to a New Years event hosted by Insomniac and a R.L. Grime show. I recommend that people who dislike EDM to open their minds and listen to some EDM songs and see if they change their minds. 

Wk11- Classmate Conversation- Abigail Giron

This week I had the pleasure of having a friendly conversation with my fellow student, Abigail Giron. Abigail is native to the city of San Diego. She is a second year at CSULB and enrolled in the Management Information Systems program. She plans to go into the medical field after she graduates. After the introductions and before the questions, we both found out that we were in the same communications class last year. Then I proceeded to ask what her hobbies were. She replied that she loves playing soccer and used to play in high school. She loves going to the beach and I added that coming to this school was probably her best idea yet. This week’s question of the week required students to give their opinions on if tattoos are considered forms of art. She replied with a simple yes. All I needed to hear was that yes because at this age, tattoos are not considered evil like they were used to. She plans on getting some tattoos in the future and says she will eventually think of something. It was fun talking to Abigail and glad that I got to re-meet someone from my class last year.

Wk11- Artist Conversation- Kathy Yoon

12207923_10206524684068554_1739092450_n 12231671_10206524684028553_1457738903_n

This week I had the privilege of getting to see the artwork of Kathy Yoon. Kathy is a BFA ceramics major here at CSULB and is finishing her last semester of school. She is a transfer student from Cypress College and was originally enrolled as a math major. But with most college students, our plans change with time and in Kathy’s case, it happened to be ceramics. Her plans for the future most definitely includes art and she sees herself working in an animation studio. Based on the fact that Kathy and I share the same last name, I assume that she is Korean. Back in elementary school, the characters she sculpted for the gallery were actually really popular among the Korean-American student community. We would decorate our phone wallpaper and Myspace page with these cute, little, animated figures. Unlike the different emotions that are portrayed,  back when I was an elementary student, the characters had the caption “Emo” under it or anything else that talks about sadness. Her artwork is titled, So Many Me’s and the purpose of her art is to expose herself to whoever views her work. It was located in the Merlino Gallery. I was excited to view a piece of art that was supposed to have one meaning instead of the artist’s usual challenge to interpret the work as you see it. You can check her out on Instagram @Kathy.c.yoon.

Wk 11- Activity- Fiber Art

 12226685_10206524583986052_918115463_n 12231698_10206524583946051_479422726_n

This week’s activity was the Fiber Arts activity. This fun and exciting project included one of my hidden passions: crafting. As a kid, I loved creating robots, cars, and toy guns out of Lego blocks. That creative passion moved to musics and eventually the building life was done for young San Yoon. Luckily, this activity came along to reignite the love for building that I once so strongly had. For the activity, I went to the Los Alamitos Bay Yarn Company to buy the supply of yarn that I was going to use. I bought the cheapest yarn which was still, in my opinion, a big expense of $7. However, I do like the quality of the product even though it was the cheapest one and it was in a nice color of turquoise. The main obstacle for this assignment was rediscovering that creativity I had for crafts that I used to have when I was much younger. As you can see in the photos above, not much is shown, but I promise you that it took just as much work to think of this than it would have with anybody else. I put the glasses because first, they look so hilarious and second, I thought it would be fun to make my wall hanging look like a person. As you can also see, it doesn’t look much like a person. The other components of the art were all objects that I had laying around in my room because I did not want to spend more than the $7 I already had with the luxury brand yarn. The bracelet is something I received as a gift at a music festival and wanted to hang it because I’m grateful that my friend made it for me. I hung the earphones so I can just grab it and head straight for class without the dilemma of finding it first thing in the morning. The bag is there so I can hold my extra plastic bags that I use to replace the old trash bags in the bin. This activity definitely defined my word of the week as “fiber.” Everywhere I go, I check if things are made out of fiber, whether it’s the fiber of a cloth or nutrient content of food.

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