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On September 5th, I drove out to Seal Beach with my girlfriend to do the plaster casting assignment. Once we got there, we chose a wet sand spot a couple feet away from the point where the waves would stop and get pulled back into the ocean. We forgot to bring a shovel so we had to use our feet to drill into the sand. Then I took out all the supplies in my art bucket and used that to transport wet sand from the source to the holes we made. From there, my girlfriend and I took turns placing our foot into the hole and filling it with wet sand to create our foot mold. I had to redo this process twice because I broke the mold while taking my foot out. After this step, I got the carton of plaster mix and filled half of it with water to create the plaster. My girlfriend and I filled each of our mold with plaster and it ended up being the perfect amount for both of our foot molds. Then we began to wait for the 30 minutes it took for the plaster to harden. Half way into the waiting period, my girlfriend noticed the waves coming in more and got worried. To prevent our projects from getting ruined, my girlfriend and I decided to construct a trench just in case the waves did come into the shore more. That way the water would sink into the trench and save us from repeating everything. After the 30 minutes ended, I took the sculpture out of the mold and dusted off any loose sand that was on it. As you can see in the picture above the finished product came out pretty nicely. I really enjoyed doing this assignment and am glad that I have been introduced to the world of plaster art! 🙂