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The name of the artist I interviewed was Nick Bamford. His untitled artwork was shown in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. His art pieces were in the form of sculptures made from cement, stabilized clay, and plaster. When I asked him the meaning and correlation of the artwork he simply stated that there was no defined meaning and that it was all up to the interpretation of the individual. The only two pieces that had something to do with each other were the sculpture of the guitarist and the dancing lady. He added that the guitarist came from one of his favorite painting, “The Old Guitarist.” His inspiration came from the top of his head. He challenged himself to create something new with material he has never used before. The sculptures look barely finished but enough to know what they look like and is going on. The plaster/cement look like as if though it is melting off the sculpture. When I saw his sculptures, I only called it as I saw it. Just like what you see in the picture above, all I see is a man playing a guitar while a woman is dancing to the music.

I have never been to an art exhibition. The thought of having a conversation with an artist about his or her work has never crossed my mind. This experience is something that I will never forget and I look forward to see what else this class has to offer.