The name of the classmate I had a conversation with was Natalia Chang. She is a second year student studying fashion merchandising here at CSULB. Her interests include fashion, music, drawing, and basically anything that involves being creative. Her ethnicity is Korean just like I am. However, she sees herself as a Latina because she was born and raised in Brazil for most of her childhood. Fortunately for me, she loves meeting people and that trait truly shined as I was talking to her.


As we passed the formal introductions and basic questions, I asked Natalia about her experience at the gallery exhibit that the class went to on Thursday. She told me she was mesmerized by the piece called, “The One Who Sees.” She gave me a brief summary about how the art was supposed to emphasize the idea of existing and not existing at any time. The art is supposed to make you feel invisible since you are outside of the circle, but at the same time, the members of this ritual can see you wherever you are outside. It is very complicated and I definitely need a more detailed explanation from the artist.

I am glad that I chose Natalia to have a conversation with. I learned a lot about my fellow classmate and hopefully our relationship will not end with this assignment. 🙂