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The name of the artist I had a conversation with was Tida Whitney. She is 22 years old and is a 4th year at CSULB who will be graduating next spring. The name of her project is, “Disposable Thought.” She and her partner, Daniel Rivera came up with the idea of the project last spring school year to visually show people’s thoughts. This art is made entirely out of napkins. To be exact, this project consisted of over a thousand pieces of napkins. The two drew all the art on the napkins and sewed them all up. The entire quilt could cover up the floor of the Marilyn Werby Gallery. She told us that the hardest part of this work was to actually fit the project in the gallery room. Daniel was the one who came up with raising the quilt off the floor and towards the ceiling. His idea was to create a tunnel of thoughts so observers can walk under and through the blanket of napkins. The installation of this piece took a total of 35 hours and that is not including the other 30-35 hours it took to sew all the individual napkins together. Besides all the tedious work and obstacles, Tida told us how grateful and happy she is that she got the opportunity to show off her work like this. You can find more of her works through her Instagram @Tidawhitney 🙂