Born and raised in an era fueled by technology, even going one night without electricity was a struggle. When I found out what the assignment was about, I knew that I was going to have hard time. The night that I went technology-free was the night I was born again.. Not really but that night was not my average night. I never knew how big of a role technology had in my life. There is so much influence that social media has on our generation. First off, I could not see a single shed of light without the light bulb. I had to focus really hard to make sure that I did not run into things while I was active. I was tempted countless of times to touch my phone and eventually had to toss it somewhere into the darkness. I was extremely bored and felt isolated from the outside world without my mobile device. However, not having a bright screen in your face for long hours helped my body to be more relaxed and soon enough I was drowsy enough to sleep. What seemed to be only seconds of closing my eyes turned out to be hours of deep sleep. This assignment helped me to get the best rest that I had in my college years.