The artist that I chose to have a conversation this week goes by the name of Josh Benz. Josh and his partner Karen Solis collaborated together to produce the artwork shown above. The painting was displayed in the Max L Gatov East Gallery. Josh explained from the brainstorming step of the project. They both thought of issues that mattered today and wanted to combine a variety of colors for this work. Something beautiful is what they aimed for and wanted to stir up feelings of the past, present, and future. Josh added that the time of day that they worked was night time. Josh and Karen preferred working at night because that is when they are energetic and there is no one around to disturb them. Also, they had music on to fill in the quiet. He and Karen apparently clashed a lot during the process and even painted over each other’s work. However, despite their differences, Josh and Karen were able to create a wonderful painting that incorporated realistic figures in abstract art. The painting showed the transition from childhood to adulthood. Josh was responsible for the abstract coloring and figures and Karen was responsible for the realistic components of the piece. I really enjoyed the painting that Josh and Karen created together and thought that their idea was new and creative.