This week I had a conversation with my fellow classmate Alissa S. Alissa is a second year business major here at CSULB. She is originally from Downey, California which is not that far from where we are. She is a self-proclaimed movie nerd and her favorite genre is horror. Her favorite director of all time is Eli Roth. When I asked her what her favorite piece was she said that the second piece was the one she appreciated the most. Her reason was that the artwork referenced, “Mama, said knock you out.” Also, she thought that the color scheme was really cool in her opinion. She shared that her definition of art is any medium of expression that makes you happy and makes it possible for you to express yourself. One interesting coincidence that we both found out was that we are in the same class after this one which is Accounting 201 with Professor Campbell. I can tell that Alissa and I are going to be good friends throughout the year.