San Yoon Art 110


October 2015

Wk9- Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


This week I got the opportunity to observe the artwork of Maccabee Shelly which was located in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. Shelly is a ceramics major here at CSULB. Before Maccabee decided to change his career path in ceramics, he was an environmental science major. However, that all changed after an experience that allowed him to work with ceramics in San Francisco. He then moved to a town called Arcata and enrolled in Humboldt State University where he graduated with a degree in studio arts. The title for his artwork was called, “Fragile Future.” The moment I saw Shelley’s work, I could tell that his art was inspired by the city of San Francisco. His artwork was made with ceramics mostly but had random objects combined to the material. In the picture shown above, you can see the rust-like color which  reminds you of  the ocean rocks with its barnacles and organisms which live on the rocks. Sadly, the glass bottles remind me of the litter on the streets of San Francisco and the artist did not leave them out because realistically, San Francisco is filthy. Shelley also colored the sculptures on top of adding random objects to give the pieces the colorful San Francisco feel they needed. Shelley credited all the people within the art department for giving the inspiration to create his art. The art department is responsible for helping Maccabee grow in his artistic talent. Maccabee stated the lesson he wants people who are looking at his art to learn is that your point of view isn’t always the “correct” way to look at things. His art is created to not make sense to observers because just because someone is exposed to something unfamiliar, it does not mean the unfamiliar object does not exist. My interpretation on why the title is, “Fragile Future” based on my observations is that if people are going to be narrow minded like Shelley said then our future is in danger because people will be ignorant to issues going on at the time. Also if people are going to be narrow minded then there is no future at all so it seems very unsure. I suggest to anyone who observes Maccabee’s art that they should think about any ideas which they do not agree with and try to see why people do agree with that idea.


Wk9- Classmate Conversation- Judy Phan

This week, I had a conversation with my fellow classmate, Judy Phan. Judy is originally Westminister which is just a 20 minute drive from here. She does not dorm and commutes from her home in Westminister. Judy is on her second year at CSULB and plans to get her degree in Health Science. She told me that she plans to become a Physician Assistant as a career. When I asked Judy what she likes to do, most of the activities listed were things you do outdoors. The various activities included were hiking and swimming. I asked if she likes any movies since I finished, The American Gangster, the night before. She said that she enjoys movies based on superhero and mostly science-fiction like Star Wars or Avatar. She said that her one of her favorite movie is the Harry Potter series. When I asked her about music she told me that she likes any kind of music that appeals to her so she does not have any preferences. When I asked her what type of paintings she liked, she replied that she enjoys looking at paintings that give her a warmth feeling so I assume paintings with the color red, orange, yellow, colors of autumn. I really enjoyed talking to Judy and hope to see her around more often and look at paintings in the galleries together.

Wk9- Activity- Transmedia Storytelling

Chad C. Chadington is the name. Being rad is his game. 

Legend has it that Chad came out of his mother’s womb with a polo shirt on. At that moment, doctors immediately certified the baby as a Broby (Broby- n. A baby bro). At 9 months, Chad already developed an appetite for $0.50 hotwings on Wing Wednesday’s. At age 2, the boy picked up his first ping pong ball. By the time he was 5, he won the national beer pong tournament three years in a row at the university in his hometown of Chillville, Alaska. 

Fast forward to now, Chad is an A list celebrity and constantly seen on the red carpet. Chad’s chill-radical personality earned him his own TV talk show called, Bro time with the Chadster. His show was a huge success the first day it aired and won him the Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Host three years in a row (2011-2013). In 2014, Chad and singer, Danica Chang began dating. Within a year, the couple were arrested various times for multiple drug offenses and burglary. A TMZ post called “Chadanica” 2014’s craziest couple. 

Currently, the two celebrities are separated  and in a heated dispute on Twitter. The fight can be followed on either accounts @ChadCChadington or @Danicaa _C. 


The experience was enjoyable. My partner and I both decided to become someone who was completely different from us. Since famous celebrities are always found talking to each other on Twitter, Natalia and I agreed it was an excellent idea to become fake celebrities. A common topic that celebrities tweet or post about are about a certain beef they have with another well known celebrity. That is the reason we chose to post about arguments towards each other. Danica is the “wild girl” who trash talks Chad, which clearly shows that she is still in love with him. Chad is the “playboy” who is hooking up with as many girls as he can, but once he sees Danica with another guy, he will become territorial. Their personalities can be seen interacting in the screenshots shown above.

Wk8- Artist Conversation- Shannon Leith


This week I had an amazing experience when exposed to the creative work of Shannon Leith. Shannon is in the Masters of Fine Arts program here at CSULB and it is currently her second year attending the school. Her artwork was shown in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Her works were based on mythology such as Pagan and Biblical history. She emphasized that how the women in her art are depicted is important. When asked what inspired her to create her art, she replied that most artists don’t believe in inspiration. She said that she doesn’t just sit in her room and then one day a wave of inspiration hits her and she starts making Picasso level artworks. She stated that artists simply create work and art based on how they feel at the moment. Mythology has always been an interest of mine since it’s so fascinating how much history there is about a culture based on stories and folklore. Her favorite types of art are from Italy such as the famous Davinchi’s. She also enjoys spending her time working on contemporary art since it is relevant to the present. Shannon informed us how important it is to her to accurately portray a woman’s body and said that the scientific structure of a female body is incorrect. For Shannon when creating her artwork, she goes with the flow. She does not have a specific plan and said that whatever happens, happens. I respect that thinking because art is about expressing yourself so what if when you’re creating something, you all of a sudden don’t feel the same way because feelings change all the time. She ended with how not all her work that she created this year was shown in the gallery. That was disappointing to hear and I would pay good money to see her work the next time she has a show.

Wk8- Classmate Conversation- Zeida Gonzalez

This week I had the privilege of getting to know one of my classmates, Zeida Gonzalez. When I asked Zeida if we can have a conversation together she said yes without hesitation. She is so open and extremely easy to approach. She is a 3rd year at CSULB and has recently changed her major from the medical field to the film industry. Before Cal State Long Beach, she attended a community college. Her reason for quitting the medical path was that she did not want to see people hurt all the time. She said she wouldn’t be able to handle all that emotion. Her original plan for her medical career was to perform ultra sound. She taught me that ultra sounds are not strictly used for seeing a baby in the womb. Another purpose ultra sounds have is that they can help detect cancer cells within the body. Her last plan before quitting the field was to become a dentist. Then it all changed when she met a person who did special effects and made masks for movies. I asked her if she was artistic and she laughed nervously and said that she appreciates art but doesn’t think she has the skills in her. I found out that her favorite shows have gory contents such as Dexter. Her favorite band is citizen which is a rock band. When I asked her the question of the day, Zeida replied that the art reminded her about being younger and going to the history museums as a kid. Zeida was such a blast to talk to and I will start regular conversations with her whenever I see her on campus.

Wk8- Activity- Somebody App


This week, I downloaded the Somebody application on my iPhone for this week’s activity. This application is pretty unique and was made by the famous actress and screenwriter Miranda July. This app lets users send a message on their phone to their friends and they can read it. This sounds like a standard messaging application that all phones are already integrated with. However, the thing that makes this messaging app stand out from the hundreds of others is that the message you send to a friend will be verbally sent by a random stranger. I tried this application with my girlfriend and it was an exciting day to say the least. This app is already popular among many students at CSULB so this activity worked perfectly. I sent messages to my girlfriend and it was hilarious to see her react to the strangers coming up to her. I did not send any messages though because I was too nervous… This application to me is somewhat revolutionary because finally there is a social media app that actually requires you to socialize with someone. The creativity of this app is awesome and its success is high. I would recommend this to all my friends. One application that can be a prodigy to this one is stepping it up a notch and have random strangers perform funny dances to your friends. The possibilities are endless

Wk7 – Classmate Conversation- Natalie Marquez

For week 7’s blog, I had a conversation with Natalie Marquez. As I talked to Natalie, I found out that she is currently a 3rd year Child Devlopment and Family Studies major at CSULB. Her first choice was to work in Culinary arts but changed to child development since it fits her better. As I asked more about her life she tells me how she is a California local and grew up in Huntington Beach for her entire life. Her hobbies include any activities that you can do in the outdoors. She loves nature and enjoys going hiking. She shared that she recently came back from a 3 day camping trip in Yosemite. The thing she enjoyed most about the experience was being able to escape from the world and all the daily problem that it brings. She likes any type of music as long as it is not country music. When I asked what color she would dye her hair to, Natalie responded with purple because it is not too flashy on her. She shared with me  me that she hopes to one day become a child life specialist after graduating. I had a great time talking to Natalie and wish her the best of luck in the rest of her educational years.

Wk7 – Artist Conversation- Jane Margarette

This week I chose to have my artist conversation with the incredibly talented Jane Margarette. Jane is a 30 year old student at CSULB. She is in the BFA program as a ceramics major and will be graduating in the next year. Before transferring to CSULB, she went to school at a community college for a year in San Diego. Her art which I uploaded pictures of above, was presented in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. Her art repents the reflection of her past memories. All of the different ceramic art inside the gallery are the actual images she pictures when she reminisces events from her childhood. These sculptures are made out of clay, various fiber threads, and ceramics material. She talked about how the idea of memory is so fragile and explained what some of the artworks meant to her. The total time to create all the art for her gallery was around 2 months and installation time was 36 hours. She told us that she plans to enroll in a graduate school for ceramics or sculpture. Then after that she hopes to do more gallery shows or simply wishes to be able to participate in the art world in any way she can.

Instagram: @Janemargarette

Wk7 -Activity- Ephemeral Art

    Natalia Chang @nati95chang
Diana Solis @lunasol

This week, the class took part in the Ephermeral Art activity. As soon as I followed some of my classmates, my snapchat was filled with updated stories of different lives. It was entertaining to see what kind of person my classmates were as I got to know them through their snapchats. For my drawings, I took a picture of a random background and filled it with hand drawn art since I do not usually upload selfies of myself. One of my classmates, Natalia Chang, did the same thing as well for her drawings. I think that a conversation through snapchat will tell you more about a person than the regular conversations we have been doing. The reason that I strongly believe this statement is that people act more like themselves through social media apps like Snapchat. Now, comparing this activity to the Instagram activity, I say that they are similar because they are both social media apps that people use regularly to express themselves and update followers on their personal lives. The difference between these two activities is that Snapchat is, I would say, more recent news about someone than Instagram. I like both of the activities the same and really enjoyed them both. 

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