For this week’s classmate conversation activity, I chose to do it with a student name Kristine Dueno. Kristine is from Rancho Cucamonga which is a city I am familiar with. She is currently a senior and is a film major. She has one and a half years of school left. Her interests are obviously in movies. One of her favorite kinds of movies are the Studio Ghibli movies. She also enjoys documentaries and TV dramas. Besides films, she likes playing video games and jazz music on the piano. Her favorite game brand is Nintendo and right now she is hooked on the Nintendo 3DS game, Animal Crossing Happy Home. Her all time favorite game is the Legend of Zelda games. When I asked her what her definition of art was she responded with, “The color of life.. If you didn’t have art in the world  things would looked too uniform and bland. Art can be inspired and art can inspire… We would live in a boring world.”