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I have to give it to Youtube stars and internet celebrities, “vlogging” is honestly difficult. I never thought filming myself for entertainment was going to be so stressful. The moment the camera was facing me, I became numb. I had no idea what to say and speaking became an obstacle. I would stutter when I normally don’t and I couldn’t think of anything to say. Most the times I was showing the viewers a computer game that I was playing one-handed. It is hard to make conversation about random things for an hour. I see such a noticeable difference in communication skills between frequent Periscope vloggers and me. Vloggers are such social people and can come up with any topic to spend endless hours talking about. As of now, I don’t think I should even attempt becoming an internet hit. Hopefully, with a little more practice I can actually make a name for myself on the world web.

I think that being active as a daily vlogger requires more time and dedication than the typical Instagram famous person. You can pick out a good picture and get tons of like within minutes. However, as a vlogger, you need to be unique and different from the rest. A vlogger must also spend time building good social skills to appeal to the viewers. One beneficial way Periscope can be used is to raise fund for a live charity. With all the donation and funds website out there today, Periscope can hop on that bandwagon and do a little good for the community.