This week I chose to do my conversation on Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek Stepanian. There work title, Viewpoint, was located inside the Dutzi Gallery. The purpose of this project was the show the beauty of nature. As seen in the picture above,  you can truly experience the wonders that nature has to offer.The paining was inspired by each of the artist’s individual memory they have with nature. Most of Dawn’s paintings were of mountains and she explained how she painted them because of one experience she had climbing mountains in San Diego. During the collaboration, the artists gave each other roles for the assignment. Dawn was to draw the landscape and background while Anahid created the seasons. Looking at both Dawn’s and Anahid’s individual work brought peace into my body. The colors the artists used for their paintings really enhances the experience of the art. You truly feel as though you are out there in the wilderness…one with nature. I am really impressed with the works of Dawn and Anahid and I seriously hope they will become even more successful artists in the future.