Natalia Chang @nati95chang
Diana Solis @lunasol

This week, the class took part in the Ephermeral Art activity. As soon as I followed some of my classmates, my snapchat was filled with updated stories of different lives. It was entertaining to see what kind of person my classmates were as I got to know them through their snapchats. For my drawings, I took a picture of a random background and filled it with hand drawn art since I do not usually upload selfies of myself. One of my classmates, Natalia Chang, did the same thing as well for her drawings. I think that a conversation through snapchat will tell you more about a person than the regular conversations we have been doing. The reason that I strongly believe this statement is that people act more like themselves through social media apps like Snapchat. Now, comparing this activity to the Instagram activity, I say that they are similar because they are both social media apps that people use regularly to express themselves and update followers on their personal lives. The difference between these two activities is that Snapchat is, I would say, more recent news about someone than Instagram. I like both of the activities the same and really enjoyed them both.