This week I chose to have my artist conversation with the incredibly talented Jane Margarette. Jane is a 30 year old student at CSULB. She is in the BFA program as a ceramics major and will be graduating in the next year. Before transferring to CSULB, she went to school at a community college for a year in San Diego. Her art which I uploaded pictures of above, was presented in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. Her art repents the reflection of her past memories. All of the different ceramic art inside the gallery are the actual images she pictures when she reminisces events from her childhood. These sculptures are made out of clay, various fiber threads, and ceramics material. She talked about how the idea of memory is so fragile and explained what some of the artworks meant to her. The total time to create all the art for her gallery was around 2 months and installation time was 36 hours. She told us that she plans to enroll in a graduate school for ceramics or sculpture. Then after that she hopes to do more gallery shows or simply wishes to be able to participate in the art world in any way she can.

Instagram: @Janemargarette