This week, I downloaded the Somebody application on my iPhone for this week’s activity. This application is pretty unique and was made by the famous actress and screenwriter Miranda July. This app lets users send a message on their phone to their friends and they can read it. This sounds like a standard messaging application that all phones are already integrated with. However, the thing that makes this messaging app stand out from the hundreds of others is that the message you send to a friend will be verbally sent by a random stranger. I tried this application with my girlfriend and it was an exciting day to say the least. This app is already popular among many students at CSULB so this activity worked perfectly. I sent messages to my girlfriend and it was hilarious to see her react to the strangers coming up to her. I did not send any messages though because I was too nervous… This application to me is somewhat revolutionary because finally there is a social media app that actually requires you to socialize with someone. The creativity of this app is awesome and its success is high. I would recommend this to all my friends. One application that can be a prodigy to this one is stepping it up a notch and have random strangers perform funny dances to your friends. The possibilities are endless