This week I had an amazing experience when exposed to the creative work of Shannon Leith. Shannon is in the Masters of Fine Arts program here at CSULB and it is currently her second year attending the school. Her artwork was shown in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Her works were based on mythology such as Pagan and Biblical history. She emphasized that how the women in her art are depicted is important. When asked what inspired her to create her art, she replied that most artists don’t believe in inspiration. She said that she doesn’t just sit in her room and then one day a wave of inspiration hits her and she starts making Picasso level artworks. She stated that artists simply create work and art based on how they feel at the moment. Mythology has always been an interest of mine since it’s so fascinating how much history there is about a culture based on stories and folklore. Her favorite types of art are from Italy such as the famous Davinchi’s. She also enjoys spending her time working on contemporary art since it is relevant to the present. Shannon informed us how important it is to her to accurately portray a woman’s body and said that the scientific structure of a female body is incorrect. For Shannon when creating her artwork, she goes with the flow. She does not have a specific plan and said that whatever happens, happens. I respect that thinking because art is about expressing yourself so what if when you’re creating something, you all of a sudden don’t feel the same way because feelings change all the time. She ended with how not all her work that she created this year was shown in the gallery. That was disappointing to hear and I would pay good money to see her work the next time she has a show.