This week I had the privilege of getting to know one of my classmates, Zeida Gonzalez. When I asked Zeida if we can have a conversation together she said yes without hesitation. She is so open and extremely easy to approach. She is a 3rd year at CSULB and has recently changed her major from the medical field to the film industry. Before Cal State Long Beach, she attended a community college. Her reason for quitting the medical path was that she did not want to see people hurt all the time. She said she wouldn’t be able to handle all that emotion. Her original plan for her medical career was to perform ultra sound. She taught me that ultra sounds are not strictly used for seeing a baby in the womb. Another purpose ultra sounds have is that they can help detect cancer cells within the body. Her last plan before quitting the field was to become a dentist. Then it all changed when she met a person who did special effects and made masks for movies. I asked her if she was artistic and she laughed nervously and said that she appreciates art but doesn’t think she has the skills in her. I found out that her favorite shows have gory contents such as Dexter. Her favorite band is citizen which is a rock band. When I asked her the question of the day, Zeida replied that the art reminded her about being younger and going to the history museums as a kid. Zeida was such a blast to talk to and I will start regular conversations with her whenever I see her on campus.