Chad C. Chadington is the name. Being rad is his game. 

Legend has it that Chad came out of his mother’s womb with a polo shirt on. At that moment, doctors immediately certified the baby as a Broby (Broby- n. A baby bro). At 9 months, Chad already developed an appetite for $0.50 hotwings on Wing Wednesday’s. At age 2, the boy picked up his first ping pong ball. By the time he was 5, he won the national beer pong tournament three years in a row at the university in his hometown of Chillville, Alaska. 

Fast forward to now, Chad is an A list celebrity and constantly seen on the red carpet. Chad’s chill-radical personality earned him his own TV talk show called, Bro time with the Chadster. His show was a huge success the first day it aired and won him the Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Host three years in a row (2011-2013). In 2014, Chad and singer, Danica Chang began dating. Within a year, the couple were arrested various times for multiple drug offenses and burglary. A TMZ post called “Chadanica” 2014’s craziest couple. 

Currently, the two celebrities are separated  and in a heated dispute on Twitter. The fight can be followed on either accounts @ChadCChadington or @Danicaa _C. 


The experience was enjoyable. My partner and I both decided to become someone who was completely different from us. Since famous celebrities are always found talking to each other on Twitter, Natalia and I agreed it was an excellent idea to become fake celebrities. A common topic that celebrities tweet or post about are about a certain beef they have with another well known celebrity. That is the reason we chose to post about arguments towards each other. Danica is the “wild girl” who trash talks Chad, which clearly shows that she is still in love with him. Chad is the “playboy” who is hooking up with as many girls as he can, but once he sees Danica with another guy, he will become territorial. Their personalities can be seen interacting in the screenshots shown above.