This week I got the opportunity to observe the artwork of Maccabee Shelly which was located in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. Shelly is a ceramics major here at CSULB. Before Maccabee decided to change his career path in ceramics, he was an environmental science major. However, that all changed after an experience that allowed him to work with ceramics in San Francisco. He then moved to a town called Arcata and enrolled in Humboldt State University where he graduated with a degree in studio arts. The title for his artwork was called, “Fragile Future.” The moment I saw Shelley’s work, I could tell that his art was inspired by the city of San Francisco. His artwork was made with ceramics mostly but had random objects combined to the material. In the picture shown above, you can see the rust-like color which  reminds you of  the ocean rocks with its barnacles and organisms which live on the rocks. Sadly, the glass bottles remind me of the litter on the streets of San Francisco and the artist did not leave them out because realistically, San Francisco is filthy. Shelley also colored the sculptures on top of adding random objects to give the pieces the colorful San Francisco feel they needed. Shelley credited all the people within the art department for giving the inspiration to create his art. The art department is responsible for helping Maccabee grow in his artistic talent. Maccabee stated the lesson he wants people who are looking at his art to learn is that your point of view isn’t always the “correct” way to look at things. His art is created to not make sense to observers because just because someone is exposed to something unfamiliar, it does not mean the unfamiliar object does not exist. My interpretation on why the title is, “Fragile Future” based on my observations is that if people are going to be narrow minded like Shelley said then our future is in danger because people will be ignorant to issues going on at the time. Also if people are going to be narrow minded then there is no future at all so it seems very unsure. I suggest to anyone who observes Maccabee’s art that they should think about any ideas which they do not agree with and try to see why people do agree with that idea.