This week, I had a conversation with my fellow classmate, Judy Phan. Judy is originally Westminister which is just a 20 minute drive from here. She does not dorm and commutes from her home in Westminister. Judy is on her second year at CSULB and plans to get her degree in Health Science. She told me that she plans to become a Physician Assistant as a career. When I asked Judy what she likes to do, most of the activities listed were things you do outdoors. The various activities included were hiking and swimming. I asked if she likes any movies since I finished, The American Gangster, the night before. She said that she enjoys movies based on superhero and mostly science-fiction like Star Wars or Avatar. She said that her one of her favorite movie is the Harry Potter series. When I asked her about music she told me that she likes any kind of music that appeals to her so she does not have any preferences. When I asked her what type of paintings she liked, she replied that she enjoys looking at paintings that give her a warmth feeling so I assume paintings with the color red, orange, yellow, colors of autumn. I really enjoyed talking to Judy and hope to see her around more often and look at paintings in the galleries together.