San Yoon Art 110

Wk10- Artist Conversation- Angel Franco


This week I got the exciting opportunity to observe the artwork of Angel Franco which was located inside the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery. The artist is currently attending CSULB for his 6th year as a sculpting major. His plans for the future includes working in the film industry and eventually have his own art show. As shown in the picture, you can see the depressing scene the artist chose to create. When I was observing the gallery, it was basically empty so the sadness was enhanced. In the back you can see violence interactions between cops and civilians. You can tell right away that Franco is a strong supporter of stopping police brutality. Over the past recent years, there have been countless reports on the news about excessive police force which inspired Franco to create these sculptures. Franco said that the sculpture of the girl represent the children of today’s society who grow up in this kind of world where violent cops run the streets. The reason why the girl is inside a jail cell is to show how the common people are powerless to do anything about this because the cops are so well protected by their fellow officers. I feel such strong feelings of mix emotion when I was exposed to Angel Franco’s creations. They were unpleasant emotions but real and they cannot be ignored. I see Franco’s artwork inspiring others to take part in this movement against police brutality.


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