This week I walked up to one of my classmates, Anahi Ramirez, to have my classmate conversation with. Right now, Anahi is a second year at CSULB and is still undeclared on her major. She is still figuring out what she is passionate about, but has hinted how she feels that her career path is in health administration. She commutes everyday to school from her home which is located in Compton. Already I saw that Anahi was had more of an extroverted personality. She was easy to talk to and our conversation never got boring. So when I asked Anahid what she likes to do for fun, it was not a surprise when she answered hanging out with her friends and family is one of her top things to do.Many of the activities she likes to do require socializing to do such as going to the movies and mall. She added that she is binge watching the new American Horror Story season. I checked that show out, but it is way too creepy for me to watch on a regular basis. When I asked Anahid if she could go anywhere in the world what would it be, she answered that one of those places were Madrid, Spain because she loves being exposed to different cultures and learning about the history.