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This week’s activity was the Fiber Arts activity. This fun and exciting project included one of my hidden passions: crafting. As a kid, I loved creating robots, cars, and toy guns out of Lego blocks. That creative passion moved to musics and eventually the building life was done for young San Yoon. Luckily, this activity came along to reignite the love for building that I once so strongly had. For the activity, I went to the Los Alamitos Bay Yarn Company to buy the supply of yarn that I was going to use. I bought the cheapest yarn which was still, in my opinion, a big expense of $7. However, I do like the quality of the product even though it was the cheapest one and it was in a nice color of turquoise. The main obstacle for this assignment was rediscovering that creativity I had for crafts that I used to have when I was much younger. As you can see in the photos above, not much is shown, but I promise you that it took just as much work to think of this than it would have with anybody else. I put the glasses because first, they look so hilarious and second, I thought it would be fun to make my wall hanging look like a person. As you can also see, it doesn’t look much like a person. The other components of the art were all objects that I had laying around in my room because I did not want to spend more than the $7 I already had with the luxury brand yarn. The bracelet is something I received as a gift at a music festival and wanted to hang it because I’m grateful that my friend made it for me. I hung the earphones so I can just grab it and head straight for class without the dilemma of finding it first thing in the morning. The bag is there so I can hold my extra plastic bags that I use to replace the old trash bags in the bin. This activity definitely defined my word of the week as “fiber.” Everywhere I go, I check if things are made out of fiber, whether it’s the fiber of a cloth or nutrient content of food.