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This week I had the privilege of getting to see the artwork of Kathy Yoon. Kathy is a BFA ceramics major here at CSULB and is finishing her last semester of school. She is a transfer student from Cypress College and was originally enrolled as a math major. But with most college students, our plans change with time and in Kathy’s case, it happened to be ceramics. Her plans for the future most definitely includes art and she sees herself working in an animation studio. Based on the fact that Kathy and I share the same last name, I assume that she is Korean. Back in elementary school, the characters she sculpted for the gallery were actually really popular among the Korean-American student community. We would decorate our phone wallpaper and Myspace page with these cute, little, animated figures. Unlike the different emotions that are portrayed,  back when I was an elementary student, the characters had the caption “Emo” under it or anything else that talks about sadness. Her artwork is titled, So Many Me’s and the purpose of her art is to expose herself to whoever views her work. It was located in the Merlino Gallery. I was excited to view a piece of art that was supposed to have one meaning instead of the artist’s usual challenge to interpret the work as you see it. You can check her out on Instagram @Kathy.c.yoon.