This week I had the pleasure of having a friendly conversation with my fellow student, Abigail Giron. Abigail is native to the city of San Diego. She is a second year at CSULB and enrolled in the Management Information Systems program. She plans to go into the medical field after she graduates. After the introductions and before the questions, we both found out that we were in the same communications class last year. Then I proceeded to ask what her hobbies were. She replied that she loves playing soccer and used to play in high school. She loves going to the beach and I added that coming to this school was probably her best idea yet. This week’s question of the week required students to give their opinions on if tattoos are considered forms of art. She replied with a simple yes. All I needed to hear was that yes because at this age, tattoos are not considered evil like they were used to. She plans on getting some tattoos in the future and says she will eventually think of something. It was fun talking to Abigail and glad that I got to re-meet someone from my class last year.