Finally, the time to finalize our eportfolio has come. It’s week 12 and the class got to update their website or create a new one from scratch. I decided to keep my Art110 post because of the memories but also because the fact that I would not have this website if it weren’t for the class. The posts for Art110 is what I consider to be the foundation of my website. This site is supposed to be about me and that also includes my experiences from this class. I added an About Me and it tells you guys about my passion for drums. I uploaded a post to my website that was not Art110 related. The post tells readers about the kinds of music I listen to. I don’t have a specific group of audience I want to target. My posts are supposed to reach out to anyone who can relate or shares the common interests as I do. Please visit my website every so often to see the new updates I post! See you next time! 🙂