This week I had the pleasure of observing the artwork of 38 year old Christopher Linquata. Linquata is a previous student of the California State University of Northridge and came to CSULB as a representational painting and drawing major. His paintings were displayed in the Max L. Gatov West Gallery. As you can see in the picture shown above, the artist likes to paint pictures shot from a camera. His drawings can show what inspired him to create these art. The street art shown in the painting was what inspired him to become an artist. When he was a little kid he would see street artwork such as graffiti and became inspired to draw. He started off with comics which then developed into the masterpieces he creates today. It seems as though he chooses to paint picture of candid moments. The scene in the picture shows different people doing different actions. His paintings remind me of vacation time when families are going on trips since they’re on break. I really enjoyed his paintings and you can enjoy it as well on his Instagram page @icon5350