This week I met a new friend who goes by the name, Milagros Herrera, or Millie for short. She is currently a third year at CSULB and is majoring in Marketing. From what she tells me, Millie is an outdoor person who loves to play soccer on her free time. Her bright personality showed me that she is an extrovert who loves to experience life to the fullest. She tells me she is a decent cook but I can already tell she was being humble about her master skills in cooking. She tells me she wants to work for a big corporation but she doesn’t know which one yet. I think a good fit for her would be in sports marketing or marketing related to the culinary arts. When I asked her which colors make her sad, she responded that one of the colors that makes her sad was green because apparently it’s gives her a chaotic sort of vibe. The color that shows happiness is yellow because obviously the warmth of the sun and the reminder of summertime. It was such a good time getting to talk to Millie and I know her personality will brighten the mood wherever she goes! 🙂