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Wk7 – Classmate Conversation- Natalie Marquez

For week 7’s blog, I had a conversation with Natalie Marquez. As I talked to Natalie, I found out that she is currently a 3rd year Child Devlopment and Family Studies major at CSULB. Her first choice was to work in Culinary arts but changed to child development since it fits her better. As I asked more about her life she tells me how she is a California local and grew up in Huntington Beach for her entire life. Her hobbies include any activities that you can do in the outdoors. She loves nature and enjoys going hiking. She shared that she recently came back from a 3 day camping trip in Yosemite. The thing she enjoyed most about the experience was being able to escape from the world and all the daily problem that it brings. She likes any type of music as long as it is not country music. When I asked what color she would dye her hair to, Natalie responded with purple because it is not too flashy on her. She shared with me  me that she hopes to one day become a child life specialist after graduating. I had a great time talking to Natalie and wish her the best of luck in the rest of her educational years.


Wk7 – Artist Conversation- Jane Margarette

This week I chose to have my artist conversation with the incredibly talented Jane Margarette. Jane is a 30 year old student at CSULB. She is in the BFA program as a ceramics major and will be graduating in the next year. Before transferring to CSULB, she went to school at a community college for a year in San Diego. Her art which I uploaded pictures of above, was presented in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. Her art repents the reflection of her past memories. All of the different ceramic art inside the gallery are the actual images she pictures when she reminisces events from her childhood. These sculptures are made out of clay, various fiber threads, and ceramics material. She talked about how the idea of memory is so fragile and explained what some of the artworks meant to her. The total time to create all the art for her gallery was around 2 months and installation time was 36 hours. She told us that she plans to enroll in a graduate school for ceramics or sculpture. Then after that she hopes to do more gallery shows or simply wishes to be able to participate in the art world in any way she can.

Instagram: @Janemargarette

Wk7 -Activity- Ephemeral Art

    Natalia Chang @nati95chang
Diana Solis @lunasol

This week, the class took part in the Ephermeral Art activity. As soon as I followed some of my classmates, my snapchat was filled with updated stories of different lives. It was entertaining to see what kind of person my classmates were as I got to know them through their snapchats. For my drawings, I took a picture of a random background and filled it with hand drawn art since I do not usually upload selfies of myself. One of my classmates, Natalia Chang, did the same thing as well for her drawings. I think that a conversation through snapchat will tell you more about a person than the regular conversations we have been doing. The reason that I strongly believe this statement is that people act more like themselves through social media apps like Snapchat. Now, comparing this activity to the Instagram activity, I say that they are similar because they are both social media apps that people use regularly to express themselves and update followers on their personal lives. The difference between these two activities is that Snapchat is, I would say, more recent news about someone than Instagram. I like both of the activities the same and really enjoyed them both. 

Wk6 – Artist Conversation- Dawn Derry & Anahid Malek Stepanian

 This week I chose to do my conversation on Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek Stepanian. There work title, Viewpoint, was located inside the Dutzi Gallery. The purpose of this project was the show the beauty of nature. As seen in the picture above,  you can truly experience the wonders that nature has to offer.The paining was inspired by each of the artist’s individual memory they have with nature. Most of Dawn’s paintings were of mountains and she explained how she painted them because of one experience she had climbing mountains in San Diego. During the collaboration, the artists gave each other roles for the assignment. Dawn was to draw the landscape and background while Anahid created the seasons. Looking at both Dawn’s and Anahid’s individual work brought peace into my body. The colors the artists used for their paintings really enhances the experience of the art. You truly feel as though you are out there in the wilderness…one with nature. I am really impressed with the works of Dawn and Anahid and I seriously hope they will become even more successful artists in the future.

Wk 6 – Classmate Conversation – Kristine Dueno


For this week’s classmate conversation activity, I chose to do it with a student name Kristine Dueno. Kristine is from Rancho Cucamonga which is a city I am familiar with. She is currently a senior and is a film major. She has one and a half years of school left. Her interests are obviously in movies. One of her favorite kinds of movies are the Studio Ghibli movies. She also enjoys documentaries and TV dramas. Besides films, she likes playing video games and jazz music on the piano. Her favorite game brand is Nintendo and right now she is hooked on the Nintendo 3DS game, Animal Crossing Happy Home. Her all time favorite game is the Legend of Zelda games. When I asked her what her definition of art was she responded with, “The color of life.. If you didn’t have art in the world  things would looked too uniform and bland. Art can be inspired and art can inspire… We would live in a boring world.”

Wk6 – Activity – Identity Art (Periscope)

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I have to give it to Youtube stars and internet celebrities, “vlogging” is honestly difficult. I never thought filming myself for entertainment was going to be so stressful. The moment the camera was facing me, I became numb. I had no idea what to say and speaking became an obstacle. I would stutter when I normally don’t and I couldn’t think of anything to say. Most the times I was showing the viewers a computer game that I was playing one-handed. It is hard to make conversation about random things for an hour. I see such a noticeable difference in communication skills between frequent Periscope vloggers and me. Vloggers are such social people and can come up with any topic to spend endless hours talking about. As of now, I don’t think I should even attempt becoming an internet hit. Hopefully, with a little more practice I can actually make a name for myself on the world web.

I think that being active as a daily vlogger requires more time and dedication than the typical Instagram famous person. You can pick out a good picture and get tons of like within minutes. However, as a vlogger, you need to be unique and different from the rest. A vlogger must also spend time building good social skills to appeal to the viewers. One beneficial way Periscope can be used is to raise fund for a live charity. With all the donation and funds website out there today, Periscope can hop on that bandwagon and do a little good for the community.

Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Alissa S.

This week I had a conversation with my fellow classmate Alissa S. Alissa is a second year business major here at CSULB. She is originally from Downey, California which is not that far from where we are. She is a self-proclaimed movie nerd and her favorite genre is horror. Her favorite director of all time is Eli Roth. When I asked her what her favorite piece was she said that the second piece was the one she appreciated the most. Her reason was that the artwork referenced, “Mama, said knock you out.” Also, she thought that the color scheme was really cool in her opinion. She shared that her definition of art is any medium of expression that makes you happy and makes it possible for you to express yourself. One interesting coincidence that we both found out was that we are in the same class after this one which is Accounting 201 with Professor Campbell. I can tell that Alissa and I are going to be good friends throughout the year.

Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Josh Benz


The artist that I chose to have a conversation this week goes by the name of Josh Benz. Josh and his partner Karen Solis collaborated together to produce the artwork shown above. The painting was displayed in the Max L Gatov East Gallery. Josh explained from the brainstorming step of the project. They both thought of issues that mattered today and wanted to combine a variety of colors for this work. Something beautiful is what they aimed for and wanted to stir up feelings of the past, present, and future. Josh added that the time of day that they worked was night time. Josh and Karen preferred working at night because that is when they are energetic and there is no one around to disturb them. Also, they had music on to fill in the quiet. He and Karen apparently clashed a lot during the process and even painted over each other’s work. However, despite their differences, Josh and Karen were able to create a wonderful painting that incorporated realistic figures in abstract art. The painting showed the transition from childhood to adulthood. Josh was responsible for the abstract coloring and figures and Karen was responsible for the realistic components of the piece. I really enjoyed the painting that Josh and Karen created together and thought that their idea was new and creative.

Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography


Born and raised in an era fueled by technology, even going one night without electricity was a struggle. When I found out what the assignment was about, I knew that I was going to have hard time. The night that I went technology-free was the night I was born again.. Not really but that night was not my average night. I never knew how big of a role technology had in my life. There is so much influence that social media has on our generation. First off, I could not see a single shed of light without the light bulb. I had to focus really hard to make sure that I did not run into things while I was active. I was tempted countless of times to touch my phone and eventually had to toss it somewhere into the darkness. I was extremely bored and felt isolated from the outside world without my mobile device. However, not having a bright screen in your face for long hours helped my body to be more relaxed and soon enough I was drowsy enough to sleep. What seemed to be only seconds of closing my eyes turned out to be hours of deep sleep. This assignment helped me to get the best rest that I had in my college years.

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